Monday, January 9, 2012

Thoughts and Developments


Not really. But it sounds good.

You know how when you watch a very good adventure/action movie your dreams evolve into fantastic escapades? This has been happening to me a lot more since I began watching Lost this summer. Now that there are 6 episodes left till the end, I believe the intensity of the suspense has caused these strange dreams to escalate even more.

In the past, the only things that have given me as much nightly entertainment were the Lord of the Rings movies and Harry Potter. Now Lost has been added to this list. I almost wonder if the quality of the movie/show is correlated with the influence it has on the subconscious mind.

In other news, the world of my hometown, Butler, PA, is either getting a lot better or a lot worse. I can't tell. Here are the top 10 exciting changes that have happened within the last year or will happen soon (not in specific order):

   1. The Chop Shop opened- this restaurant located on Main Street has created a fun place to eat, with inspiring dishes like the "redneck" and "nirvana with enlightenment (enlightenment can be ordered on the side). Definitely a plus.
   2. The old Hot Dog Shop building to be replaced with Butler Brewery- I don't know whether to consider this a good thing or a bad thing. Good, if they serve delicious food like the Brewery located in Slippery Rock. Bad, if it just creates more alcoholics in town.
   3. The organic food restaurant opening. Why Butler for this wonderful establishment? I really have no idea. But being just a few doors down from the court house may serve as a benefit to this eatery.
   4. The Pac Sun in the mall closed. This is a BAD thing. Very bad. They were the only place that had pants that fit me perfectly. And opening around the same time in the mall was a store devoted entirely to... drum roll.... calendars. Is there really that high of a demand of calendars that it necessitates an entire STORE devoted to them? The only person I know who needs more than 2 calendars is my mom's boss, Diedra. She is (to put it mildly) INSANE. Last year my mom, who is a calendar fan herself, threw out over 30 calendars that were in her office (she is a school nurse).
   5. Sheetz sold coupon books. I know this isn't exactly Butler only, but as there are at least 3 in town, I consider this viable. I have already used $20 worth of coupons and have only used half of my coupon book (total cost: $10). Great deal, I think.
   6. They closed the Monroe Street bridge. Again. You know how they say Pittsburgh is always under construction? The thought is emulated in Butler when it comes to bridges. I guess they thought since the one bridge of 422 was finished (after 2 1/2 years of being worked on) they might as well redo this bridge, even though it was just redone 3 or so years ago. Crazies, if you ask me. And inconvenient. :P
   7. The Heritage Center (AKA, Butler's version of a shady museum) was transformed into From the Hand art gallery. Good, as the other gallery, The Art Association, only caters to a certain audience and wants lots of money from everyone. They have their reasons. But another art gallery is certainly a pleasurable thing.
   8. The bookstore at the mall was bought and renamed BAM! (Books a Million). I honestly don't really see much of a difference in it other than the staging of the store, but the name is great! :D
   9. There are now not one, not two, but THREE Hoagie Shoppes. Enough said there.
   10. Someone bought our old house. My family moved a little less than a week before my sister Henrietta and I went to college. The guy who bought it is as follows:
                   -Momma's boy
                   -Owner of a couple parrots
                   -Never home
                   -"A Big Creeper", as my friend Cory who lives across the street describes
    Worked for me, since as long as we could sell the house quickly for a good price I was happy. Not that it was a bad house, it was just INTERESTING. Many stories could be told of this house, warranting a new feature for the blog: "Adventures in Oddity"!

And for your enjoyment, a random picture of the past:

~My Friend Jeremy, also known as the one and only NAPKINFACE, defender of the spills and stains of our century~

Until next time, enjoy your hometown, all the good and the bad, and remember: somedays the most exciting thing that can happen is your dreams. And sometimes, that is MUCH for the better. :)

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  1. We could write several volumes of Adventures in Oddity! Maybe we could hit the big time!