Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowpocalypse... REALLY?!


I don't know if everyone else has heard the all too common winter phrase yet, but SNOWPOCALYPSE has already been referred to the snow that has happened around here over the past few days. Yes, it has snowed a decent amount here, but I have to laugh when I think of when I first heard this phrase used, and how it has been abused.

A few years ago, there was a time it snowed constantly here for almost a week. Now, this is not uncommon in Western PA, but the fact that it froze every night made it worse. The snow would fall, the top layer would freeze and the process began again. That week I don't believe I had school at all. Which normally my school, as it serviced a large area, would continue school unless it was impossible to drive on one of the major highways by it.

This was the first time I had heard the phrase "snowpocalypse". I helped my dad clear the driveway during that week, and one day we were out there for four hours, and we only cleared about half of it. He even made me buy boots with large soles so I could walk more easily through it (dangit, having short legs :P).

Last night it snowed probably about four inches. Pretty decent, but it won't stop me. The Muppet Movie is calling to me tonight and I won't relent! (yes, this will be the second time I have seen it, but it is worth it).

I give my props to the people living in Erie PA who deal with feet upon feet of snow and don't worry about it at all. I am content with the level of snow here in Butler, and by no means would want to have to shovel THAT much snow. (I'd have to get higher boots!)

Anyhoo, the snow looks gorgeous, it hasn't killed me yet and it still looks crisp on the trees. That is the way it should be. :)

What is it like in your area?

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