Friday, January 6, 2012

Another day of productivity...

Today was another day that some important things got done... (or at least started).

1) I called all of the people I needed to remind them of the missions trip I am going on during spring break this year. A group of people from my church are spending a week in the Dominican Republic with the group Meeting God in Missions (MGM).

If you are interested in this group, here is the link to their website:

      Though it is a Medical missions trip, I am one of the blessed ones who gets to spend my entire time playing with kids! Which is a good thing since my Spanish is only understandable at an elementary level anyways... Me and the four year olds? We have GREAT conversations.
      In case you are wondering, I went on this trip with my high school last year. It was a wonderful adventure: We had the opportunity to speak to at least a hundred people, provide medical, dental and child care, as well as addressing some construction needs. While there, I sang with a worship team in Spanish at a church and our group was able to appear on local DR television!!! (A kids show with a clown... and we sang contemporary Christian songs... and they had a smoke machine behind us... I really want to find a video, to say the least). It was a wonderful trip overall, and I CAN'T wait to go back!

One of my little friends and I, on the first day of our trip... before I became a tomato. :)

2) Today I also imported most of my music collection onto my itunes.... a long overdue chore, but time consuming for me and thus I procrastinated on it as long as I could... In the process, I found some old favorites, such as these:

3) Got all of the badges on Bejeweled... yes... this WAS a productive day. :)

4) I also got some reading done today, which is a SUPER plus... Hopefully there will be some time to reread Harry Potter in the next few weeks. :)

What have you succeeded at today? 

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