Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fingernail Marbling

This was my response to seeing the infinitely amazing process of marbling fingernails. It's so fun and easy, why had I never done this before?!

As an artist, my friend Meryl knew it was important to let others know how this process is done:

My tips of joy for this adventure:

1. Use distilled/filtered water. Less particles= less frustration with specks of nastiness.
2. Use electrical tape or a tape that conforms to the shape of your finger well.
3. Make sure you get all of the excess polish out of the glass before you pull your finger out.
4. Use nail polish that is relatively new and will drip into the cup well. Sometimes different nail polishes don't want to work either, so it is a little trial and error.
5. Practice. My first ones looked HORRIBLE, but after awhile they got better.


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