Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Craftiness... and whatnot

Goals for 2012

As a true human, I don't believe new years' resolutions are possible. Because I have NEVER succeeded at keeping one for an entire year. So instead, I do goals, as in things that would be great to do, but I won't kill myself over. So far, this is the list I have come up with:

   1. Finish reading the Bible... last year it was my resolution to read the Bible in a year.... and THAT didn't happen. It sounds so much easier than it actually is. I think my biggest problem is that I find something really good in my reading and I don't want to breeze past it. So it is a goal this year to complete.
   2. Go on lots of adventures.... thrift store adventures, trips (Dominican Republic, escapade to Virginia for my friends Nathan and Chloe's wedding, etc)
   3. Share the gospel more often... as a Christian, this should be a first priority.... but it never is. :P And it is easier said than done, I might add. But, opportunities arise, and I need to be conscious of them. :)
   4. Crafty projects!!!!... Last year my big project was a Zelda quilt for Dmitri:

      This year, I hope to do lots of small projects, like coffee cozies, cutesy headbands and bows (I like bows... a lot), decorations for my dorm room and much more! I already succeeded at making a shirt out of a vintage pillowcase, so I think the sky is the limit!!! :D

What do you plan to do this year? :)


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