Monday, March 12, 2012

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The Joys of Being a Sound Monkey

Another school drama production has begun, and as a member of the fine arts department, it is no surprise that yet again I need to contribute time in this area for classes. With the luck of most freshmen, I have not obtained a spot in any performance this year. But I HAVE obtained a spot on a wonderful crew backstage.... SOUND.

Coming in, I thought I would be working the sound board or something to that effect. NOPE. Instead, I weave and pin microphones in the actor's hair and sit listening to the com system in case a battery dies so that I might replace it. Now that tech week is over and it is just dress rehearsal time, though, we use new batteries every night and no one's mics die. So my joys during the nights of this week will be much like tonight: sitting in my own little corner in my own little chair, listening to music, doing homework, eating a fiber one bar and enjoying doing basically NOTHING for my hours. Hooray! As of right now, I only have 20 hours left, which means I am half way done.

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On the better side, I am getting more work done now than I usually do on a day that I have nothing planned (which shows my motivation... :P) I believe half of this is because I know I don't have much work for two weeks, so I am in effect being motivated to do work when I have none. Murphy's law, I guess. But, as time passes and I hang with my favorite four young British men (John, Paul, George and Richard) I remember the finer things in life. How an unstressed life is SO much better than that of constant movement.

I know it is surprising, but in highschool, I was the epitome of what Grove City College wanted: a kid who does too many things to count, wants to be involved in everything and at least mildly succeeds. Though this was true of me, this past year has definitely taught me the beauty in simplicity and flexibility. As my time in the Dominican Republic draws ever closer, I contemplate how this view of life will help me down there.

My only qualm about this time spent in the dark cavernous corner of the stage in PEW fine arts center is that I did not have time to make tea prior to it. :( Tomorrow my time will be even better spent here, as in addition to being able to make tea, I will also be able read Alice in Wonderland, one of my favorites (partially because of the story, and partially because Lewis Carroll was such a strange individual).

What excitement is going on in your life?

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